Saturday, March 18, 2017

Easy Multiple Photo Resizing Solution

I started to make my new website and a section on it will be especially dedicated to the Pictures of different size and formats. The problem is that the Pictures itself take up a lot of space, some of them up to 10mb which even in the era of high-speed internet is just too much... Since I have over the ten pictures it would be very difficult for me to Resize each of them separately so I spent some time searching for the best solution for the multiple Photo Resizing and I found it! Follow these instructions to get your photos resized all in the same time on the very simple way :
IMPORTANT : At the very beginning of this tutorial it will be necessary to download from the internet one free software called Image Resizer for Windows. After you download and install Image Resizer you can follow the next instructions. Link for Image Resizer you can find HERE (click).
(click on photo to make it large)

Step 1 : Once you have installed Image Resizer for Windows select with the right click (or select first with the left click and then click right) all pictures that you wish to resize... Once the dropdown menu is opened left click on the option Resize Pictures.
(click on photo to make it large)
Step 2 : You should now be able to see Image Resizer menu window with all the options below. Chose options which set you the most and then when you are sure in what you selected click on button Resize. Picture resizing should take some time but image size will be now much smaller then before.

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