Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Skype Installation Problem (Microsoft Installer Message)

The time has finally come to re-install Windows 7 operating system since the last one had a lot of bugs which I wanted to avoid and start everything from default. My new Windows 7 is now running perfectly after complete re-installation and I set-up some basic softwares. Among the other things I jumped on official Skype website to download last software version for PC and guess what? For some strange reason downloaded Skype installation file isn't working! It always showing me the message "Cannot Find or Load Microsoft Installer" even after couple of tries with PC restarting! Solution for this problem is actually very simple and there is a two ways of solve it:

(click on photo to make it large)

Solution 1 : Since Skype as a software using some important data from Microsoft Internet Explorer (believe it or not) then huge possibility is that you have an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 which need an update. Download last version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (in my case it was version 11) and miracle! Skype will run its installation without any problems. In case that same message still appear then try second solution.

(click on photo to make it large)

Solution 2 : Microsoft Installer is usually part of every Microsoft Windows Operating System and that package should be already functional, but sometimes error can appear for a various reasons and in that case you can simply download new version from following links:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 official <DOWNLOAD PAGE HERE>

- Microsoft Installer 4.5 official <DOWNLOAD PAGE HERE>

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