Monday, June 8, 2015

From Color to Black and White (Photoshop CS3)

If you consider yourself as a practical person who likes to get results with just one mouse click, then most likely you hate to bother with a big adjustments and complicated process when you wont to process any kind of multimedia content. Your personal multimedia or pictures with a minimal corrections in Photoshop CS3 can turn out very well and few days ago I wanted to try the one simple change in which I will convert the image to black and white in a minute. To achieve this it is necessary to do the following things :

IMPORTANT : Before start of this tutorial you should install some of the Adobe Photoshop versions by buying it in online store or in a some different way. All important informations you can find on Adobe official website :

Step 1 : Select Color image which you wont to convert into Black & White. Made right mouse click and when menu appear select Open With > Adobe Photoshop CS3 (or other higher version). You can also always open your picture directly from Photoshop by clicking on File and then Open... menu.

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 2 : If your picture is open and appear on the screen now it is time to chose tool which will help you to convert Color image into the Black and White. From the menu on the top of the screen click on Image, then Adjustments > Black & White...

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 3 : When Black & White menu appear you can chose your settings depending on that which level of darkness and details you wont to have on your picture. There is also an option to select some of the finished Presets with already fixed settings. At the end only thing you need to do is simply click on OK button and if you like results save your image by clicking on File and then Save... from the menu on the top.

(click on photo to make it large)

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