Thursday, April 16, 2015

Skype 7.3 Has Stopped Working (Problem in Windows 7)

All of us who frequently travel abroad know how Skype is necessary especially if we regularly talk with our families or business partners. What happened to me on Skype is that whatever I tried to turn it on program suddenly collapsed and message "Skype has stopped working" appears. I tried to reinstall Skype 7.3 but after some time this problem appeared again and it seems that there is no concrete solution for it but at least you can try to do something that will for a little longer period make possible to work with Skype without crash message. Follow the instructions below :

Step 1 : Turn off your Skype or if message "Skype has stopped working" do not allow you to turn it off then you need to kill process in Task Manager manually. Task Manager you can open using the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut combination on your keyboard. When Task Manager appear select Process card on the top, then find a Skype.exe process, select it and end it by the clicking on End Process button.

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Step 2 : Now when Skype do not working anymore you need to delete Skype folder which hold all informations about your profile, adds, options, text recordings and other things. To do that first you need to click on Windows Start Button and then in the search area you need to type %appdata%. Result of this search should consist of only Roaming folder. Click on Roaming folder to enter inside of it and follow next Step 3.

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Step 3 : Roaming folder should be open and you need to find Skype folder inside of it. Delete this Skype folder or just in case that something goes wrong you can also rename it into Skype2 or some other name and copy it to desktop so that you have your data on safe place. Now if folder Skype is moved or deleted from Roaming, start Skype again, write your username/password and everything should be working fine again without disturbing crash messages that stop Skype from opening.

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