Thursday, February 19, 2015

Change Winamp Color Themes (Modern Skin) + Themes Links

If we talk about music players, good old Winamp simply has no competition with others. We can talk about some basic functionalities and comparisons but Winamp was proven like the most simple and most used music player world wide. Because I using Winamp with its Modern Skin I like, from time to time to change Themes and experiment with a different colors. If you for some reason do not know how to change Themes in Winamp jet then you can check this simple tutorial that I made for you so you can see how to do that in two simple steps (also I put some links at the bottom where you can download more Winamp Modern Themes).

Step 1 : Open your Winamp Player (with Modern Skin turned on) and from the menu chose Options button. P.S. You can turn on your Winamp Modern Skin also with going on Options button, then selecting the first card Skins and after that clicking on Winamp Modern.

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 2 : When falling cards were open chose the Color Themes from the menu and then from the long list select theme that you wont to enable from now on and... Thats it! So simple isn't it?

(click on photo to make it large)

More FREE Winamp Themes and informations : 

Probably the best Winamp Color Themes Pack on the internet :

Good forum where you can read all about Winamp Themes :

If you wont that look of your Winamp 5 be complete different  :

I find out those useful web pages where you can download completely free Themes for your Winamp Modern Player and with them made your music environment more colorful. Hope that you like them and soon I will post something more about shortcuts that you can use in Winamp.

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