Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Remove a Scars From the Picture (Photoshop Method)

The last few days I trying to classify my old digital images and those which are poor quality I will try to fix again using the Photoshop CS3 software. Some of the pictures have bad lighting, some of them have too much light from the flash but main problem that I found is faces of the people with lot of scars, acnes and different colors on them since this photos date even back in my teeneger days (which can be funny but sometime it is just to annoying). To remove scars and clean faces in Photoshop CS3 (or any newer version) you need only couple of moments so follow the next instructions that I wrote for you :

IMPORTANT : Before start of this tutorial you should install some of the Adobe Photoshop versions by buying it in online store. All informations you can find on Adobe official website : http://www.photoshop.com

Step 1 : Select image which you wont to fix, made right mouse click and when menu appear select Open With > Adobe Photoshop CS3 (or other higher version). You can also always open your picture directly from Photoshop with click on File and then Open... menu.

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 2 : If your picture is open and appear on the screen now is time to chose tool which will help you to remove all scars and acnes. From the menu on the left side of screen (maybe your tools menu will be on some other place) select with a left mouse click "Spot Healing Brush Tool". On the top you should have Brush menu and it is up to you to set the right Brush diameter (as larger scars/acne are as larger diameter will be used).

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 3 : Now when "Spot Healing Brush Tool" is selected and diameter is set you should try to clean skin using the left mouse click part by part. Made a left click on every scar/acne at the image which you wont to remove (sometime will be necessary to click more times in the way of getting cleaner color). At the end you can simply save your image on File and then Save... from the menu.

(click on photo to make it large)

Conclusion : Sample image is now finish and above this text you can see final results of Brush Tool removing. Of course this is just example and you can remove and clean how much area you need.

(click on photo to make it large)

Scars and Acnes are not such visible anymore and face look almost complete cleaned. Brush Tool have and much more options but about them we will talk at some other time. Hope that you enjoy this tutorial!

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