Friday, January 10, 2014

How to delete themes in Windows 7

How to delete themes in Windows 7 : 


The environment of Windows 7 can be really complicated, especially for a new users which are accustomed to the standard environment of Windows XP (I was one of them). One cool thing that I like in Windows 7 for sure is themes which you can manage and change very fast but sometime when you install some of them I was not able or sure how to delete it. Solution for this problem is very easy and you can do that with following next simple steps :

Step 1 : Right click anywhere on your desktop background and from menu which will appear chose Personalize.

 (click on photo to make it large)

Step 2 : The window that will appears showing you which themes are currently in use but also and other themes that you already installed on your system.

 (click on photo to make it large)

Step 3 : Do right-click on theme that you do not need anymore and then left-click on Delete! If everything is ok your theme will disappear from the menu. If not then you still have other options to eliminate themes which are stock into the system (about this I will talk in some of the next topics).

 (click on photo to make it large) 

IMPORTANT : Remember that you can only delete themes that are not currently in use on your desktop. Lot of people make a simple mistake with trying to delete current theme but it is not possible. First you need to switch your theme to another one and then to delete it (do the same steps which I already describe up).

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