Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Make Windows XP File Search Faster

Make Windows XP File Search Faster :

Searching for a different files and folders is something very easy with Windows XP but it may take a long time especially on the new hard drives on which you can save even several terabytes of data. In this situation, there is an option which will allow you to browse your files faster and you will get resoults as soon as file is found. Normal settings of computer search scans your hard and other drives step by step which make searching much longer but that thing you can modify and make it faster with the following instructions :

Step 1 : Left click on Windows Start Menu and then again click on Search button (the same like we show you on picture below).

(click on photo to make it large)
Step 2 : When Search window is open, look in down left side and click "Change Preferences".

 (click on photo to make it large)

Step 3 : Next thing is that from options which will shown you chose "Change files and folders search behavior".

 (click on photo to make it large)

Step 4 : Switch search mode from Standard to Advanced and do left click at OK button.

 (click on photo to make it large)

Step 5 : Now go back to your search and try to find some documents (I prefer option All files and folders) .

Conclusion : I did after this change and one simple test. With Standard search option I needed 7 seconds to find one basic text file. With Advanced option my computer needed only 2 seconds! Much faster what do you think?

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