Saturday, March 18, 2017

Easy Multiple Photo Resizing Solution

I started to make my new website and a section on it will be especially dedicated to the Pictures of different size and formats. The problem is that the Pictures itself take up a lot of space, some of them up to 10mb which even in the era of high-speed internet is just too much... Since I have over the ten pictures it would be very difficult for me to Resize each of them separately so I spent some time searching for the best solution for the multiple Photo Resizing and I found it! Follow these instructions to get your photos resized all in the same time on the very simple way :
IMPORTANT : At the very beginning of this tutorial it will be necessary to download from the internet one free software called Image Resizer for Windows. After you download and install Image Resizer you can follow the next instructions. Link for Image Resizer you can find HERE (click).
(click on photo to make it large)

Step 1 : Once you have installed Image Resizer for Windows select with the right click (or select first with the left click and then click right) all pictures that you wish to resize... Once the dropdown menu is opened left click on the option Resize Pictures.
(click on photo to make it large)
Step 2 : You should now be able to see Image Resizer menu window with all the options below. Chose options which set you the most and then when you are sure in what you selected click on button Resize. Picture resizing should take some time but image size will be now much smaller then before.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Skype Installation Problem (Microsoft Installer Message)

The time has finally come to re-install Windows 7 operating system since the last one had a lot of bugs which I wanted to avoid and start everything from default. My new Windows 7 is now running perfectly after complete re-installation and I set-up some basic softwares. Among the other things I jumped on official Skype website to download last software version for PC and guess what? For some strange reason downloaded Skype installation file isn't working! It always showing me the message "Cannot Find or Load Microsoft Installer" even after couple of tries with PC restarting! Solution for this problem is actually very simple and there is a two ways of solve it:

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Solution 1 : Since Skype as a software using some important data from Microsoft Internet Explorer (believe it or not) then huge possibility is that you have an old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 which need an update. Download last version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (in my case it was version 11) and miracle! Skype will run its installation without any problems. In case that same message still appear then try second solution.

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Solution 2 : Microsoft Installer is usually part of every Microsoft Windows Operating System and that package should be already functional, but sometimes error can appear for a various reasons and in that case you can simply download new version from following links:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 official <DOWNLOAD PAGE HERE>

- Microsoft Installer 4.5 official <DOWNLOAD PAGE HERE>

Friday, November 18, 2016

How To Rip Audio CD and Convert Songs Into MP3 files?

The time has come to finally organize my old Music CDs and listen to the songs that I have not heard for a while... Since nowadays Mp3 files almost completely replaced good old Music CDs I decided to transfer some of the songs (legally) directly from a CD into my PC but I was not sure exactly how to do that? Believe it or not you do not need to download any specific software in order to make it because everything you need come together with a Windows Media Player. Concretely I own Windows 7, and version of my Windows Media Player is 12. First thing that you should do is to put Music CD to CD-Rom (be aware of copyright & legal issues).

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 1 : When you insert your Music CD into the computer CD-Rom, Windows Media Player should automatically start with playing music. In the top of the right screen angle click on button "Switch to Library" because we first need to set the quality and file type with options (read next steps). Wait till the new Windows Library screen appears...

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 2 : If Windows Library screen is now open you should be able to see the list of all songs which you have on inserted Music CD. Click on the button Organize (in the top left angle of the screen), then make a left click on card Options...

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 3 : From all cards in the Options screen for us the most important is card Rip Music where you can choose file type and quality for your grabbed music files. Click on the card Rip Music and then choose file type and quality (in our case that will best quality Mp3 file). When you are sure about settings that you just made press OK button. 

(click on photo to make it large)

Step 4 : Now from Windows Library screen choose the tracks that you want to convert into Mp3 file by checking and uncheck small box next to them. When you are ready press Rip CD button and Music CD will start converting all selected songs (this process can take some time). Ripped songs are usually positioned in My Music folder but it depend on your system.

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